Lost Creek Hiking Trail

About Lost Creek Hiking Trail

The Lost Creek Hiking Trail was built and is maintained by the Bluff Country Hiking Club. Work on the trail was started in February of 2011 with the official trail opening in October of 2011. The trail offers a wide range of terrain and ecosystems including forest, prairie, pasture, and agricultural land. The trail runs approximately 6 miles one way. The goal of the trail is to provide residents and visitors opportunities for recreation and education while enjoying the scenery and wildlife of our area. The trail is open to the public with use limited to hiking and snowshoeing, as the trail surface is natural soil and grass. The trail will be closed during firearm deer hunting season.

The trail is located near Chatfield MN and is a 20 minute drive from Rochester MN.

Directional signage:

White hiking signs lead to chatfield

White directional signs go towards the city of Chatfield, MN

Blue Hiking signs lead to Ninebark road

Blue directional signs go towards Ninebark Road

Parking information

Ample parking is available in Groen Park and in Chatfield, MN. Limited parking is available at the Ninebark road trailhead.  No parking is available near Mind Drive, Magnum Road or 207th Avenue.

Trail Maintenance issues

Contact information for Bluff County Hiking Club using the contact form.

Enjoying your Hike

  • Stay on the marked trail at all times
  • When on paved or gravel roads, stay on the left side of the road or on the marked hiking lane (Co. 2)
  • Cross the roads at the trail markers
  • Watch for vehicles and farm equipment
  • Keep noise to a minimum as the trail occasionally passes close to homes
  • Read trail signs carefully as rules change depending on the location of the trail
  • Hikers should be a aware of their approximate location on the trail (which property owner’s land they are on or mile marker) in case they get lost or need to call for help

The following is NOT allowed

  • Alcohol
  • Fires
  • Camping
  • Hunting
  • Firearms or other weapons
  • Bicycling at any time along any stretch of the hiking trail, with the exception of County road 2
  • Horses or any other pack animals
  • Gathering of firewood
  • Foraging for mushrooms or other vegetation
  • Motorized vehicles
  • Pets, with the exception of leashed dogs on County Road 2 and Carson-Groen wildlife sanctuary
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