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  1. Lonna Simanovski
    Lonna Simanovski10-27-2012

    Thanks for sponsoring the trail run today. What a great way to showcase your wonderful trail! We’ll be back in the spring if not sooner! 🙂

  2. Bill Rostal
    Bill Rostal07-31-2012

    We hiked about 3 miles starting at the Ninebark Rd. trailhead. It’s a great trail; very well marked and great scenery in each section.

  3. Barb Schramm
    Barb Schramm12-19-2011

    Our group hikied the trail today. We had a little melting snow, some ice, some mud, sunshine, and almost 40 degree weather in mid December. Great trail! Some of the hills were pretty slick today , but we did the whole trail! I look forward to snowshoeing it!

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