Lost Creek Trail

The first Bluff Country Hiking Club trail offers 6 miles of hiking 20 minutes south of Rochester MN.

Hike South East MN Bluff Country!

Our trail provides area residents and tourists opportunity for recreation and education.

Hiking Trail Markers

The Lost Creek trail runs "out and back". The hiking trail is marked with directional signs. White arrows lead the hiker to Chatfield MN, Blue arrows lead westward to Ninebark road.

The Bluff Country Hiking Club is a non-profit corporation founded by local residents interested in promoting the care and use of our local environment.  The Lost Creek Hiking Trail is the first major project of this group. The Lost Creek Hiking Trail is 20 minutes south of Rochester MN.  If interested in joining, please contact us at: bluffcountryhikingclub.org. Tax deductable donations are welcome, written to the Bluff Country Hiking Club and sent to:

Root River State Bank
PO Box 517
Chatfield, MN 55923

Hiking Trail Info

The trail access is available from these locations
Parking available:

  • Groen park in Chatfield Minnesota
  • Ninebark Road

No Parking area

  • Mind Drive
  • 207th Avenue
  • Magnum Road

The trail runs out and back, it does not make a loop

Please use this form to contact us via email.


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